About Us

We are a group of friends who created Drinkstop, the first App to find drinking water fountains in the world.

🌱​ Drinkstop is a project we care a lot about because it is good for the world and for people. 🌍​

Our team and our users help to map the fountains and send reports to improve the service more and more.

Whether it is for tourism or in your daily life, bring only a bottle with you and take water from the thousands of fountains available.

Clean, drinking water is a precious resource and should be free and shared and accessible for all human beings.

Drinkstop is a free App that you can find on the iOS and Android stores and our philosophy is that it should remain free forever because water is everyone's resource.

As you can imagine, however, developing and keeping an App alive that already has more than 3,000 active users in 58 countries around the world requires time and money and for all of us Drinkstop is a hobby and not the main job.

We have full time jobs and families to look after and we work at Drinkstop late into the evening.

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